Best Planner For 2019

I love planner's! I think I have tried every single one out there. They all offer great pros and and some cons for me as well. For me my planner has to be functional first and pretty second. I need my planner to work for me not me and my schedule working for my planner.… Continue reading Best Planner For 2019


My Goals for January

Photo by Kaboompics .com on I have finish goal planning for 2019 and breaking down my January goals. Family and Friends Lunch date with one of my girlfriendsLoveDate NightSelf CareSchedule a evening to pamper myselfGet me hair cut and coloredCut out candyJoin local gymFutureSave 10% of our incomeJournal DailyDaily Devotional Here are a few of mine, I… Continue reading My Goals for January

Hi Friends! Its so good to be back posting!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! I love Christmas, its my favorite holiday but I am always happy when its over and I can get back into my routine. We had family over for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, AJ and I stayed busy cooking. It was exhausting and delicious. Would not have… Continue reading Hi Friends! Its so good to be back posting!