Who LOVES to organize? I DO! I DO!

A lot of folks out there think I am crazy! I absolutely LOVE to organize anything and everything. It is honestly one of my many passions. And I have passed it on to both of my girls.

One of my favorite places to go is the Dollar Tree because I can find so many organizational options there on a budget. And let me just say “I need a small budget when it comes to organizing because I do a ton of it”. My favorite section is the containers, so many colors and options.

Here are a few of the things I do with Dollar Tree containers and bins.

  1. Bathroom Drawers: There clear containers and small bins are perfect for Make Up and Make Up Brush organization. There are so many sizes you can make it work for any size drawer. Just be sure to measure your drawer before you head off to get your bins.
  2. Linen Closet: I love Grove Collaborative so I always have an overstock of candles, cleaning supplies, etc. So I have a bin for each product. This way it is easy to find and all like things are together. Another place to get larger baskets, is Hobby Lobby when they are on the 50% off sale. I use those for my extra sheets.
  3. Closet: I use the large bins from Dollar Tree with the holes for our Tee Shirts, Shorts, Capri’s, and my Wallets. We fold out Tee Shirts and put them in so they are standing up on their side like a file drawer. They I roll my shorts and Capri’s. I love this method. Its easy to find what you are looking for and keeps all like items together.
  4. Car: I use the smaller bins in my counsel. I love being able to coral all my little items. I tend to keep a lot of small items such as lens wipes, hand sanitize, lip balm, lip gloss, hand lotion, and few dollars in case I need something and don’t have the cash with me or the kids need a few dollars for something.