My Goals for January

I have finish goal planning for 2019 and breaking down my January goals.

  • Family and Friends 
    • Lunch date with one of my girlfriends
  • Love
    • Date Night
  • Self Care
    • Schedule a evening to pamper myself
    • Get me hair cut and colored
    • Cut out candy
    • Join local gym
  • Future
    • Save 10% of our income
    • Journal Daily
    • Daily Devotional

Here are a few of mine, I wanted January to be very manageable. Since it is the beginning of the year I wanted to start me goals off on the right foot and not go over the top.

Hi Friends! Its so good to be back posting!

I hope you all had a great Christmas!

I love Christmas, its my favorite holiday but I am always happy when its over and I can get back into my routine. We had family over for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, AJ and I stayed busy cooking. It was exhausting and delicious. Would not have traded it for anything, I love entertaining.

This was the first Christmas I did not have both of my girls at home, Breanna is in college so it feels different not having her home during the Christmas season. The girls and I often do our Christmas baking, shopping, decorating, and wrapping together. She was missed for a lot of those activities.

I am so enjoying getting back into a routine, and I spent yesterday deep cleaning my house. It was really  hard work but when it was done and I could enjoy all my hard work, I felt so accomplished and proud of myself.


Happy New Years!

Can you believe it is 2019?!!

I love the new year, its time to start fresh and do some planning, soul searching, and think about the past year. What worked and what did not work.

I am all about planning and putting some goals in place.

Goal setting can be hard. How often do you set a goal and never actually follow it through to completion? I know I have. We all of a lot of things we want to accomplish, but that’s easier said than done. Goals can be excited and scary at the same time to put down on paper. I struggle with making attainable goals for myself. I tend to get a bit too ambitions when I set goals for myself. If you are anything like me or maybe even the opposite and don’t put enough ambition into your goals, then read on my friend!!

Attainable Goal Setting 101:

  1. What do you want to achieve? Why? What about this goal is important to you and how will it better your life? Be very specific, now is the time to dig deep.
  2. Now that you have determined the what and the why, commit to it!
  3. Next ask yourself the following questions. Is it measurable, attainable, can I set a done or completed time to it? If you have answer “yes” to all of these then your on the right track.

Now that you have gone through steps 1 – 3 lets put a plan in place to achieve your goal. For me I do all of my goal planning in my planner. You don’t need to use a planner, a simple notebook will work to.


I prefer to use pen and paper when doing my planning. If you are more partial to the digital planner options out there, I’m sure there is a way to get the following system to work for you in a digital format as well.

The planner I use is a 3 ring binder, I love to be able to customize it exactly how I want it. I make and print out my own printables and find some that I purchase on different Etsy shops as well. Just make sure your planner works for you and not the other way around. I have used several over the years and have more often than not found that I was conforming to the planner. I want to conform a planner to my personal lifestyle.

Planner layout by section:

  1. Goals – Create some categories such as, career, finance, personal, health and fitness, and so on and so on. Write down your lifetime goals and yearly goals here. Make sure to put target dates next to each goal. I do monthly goals in this section as well. Ideally you should be taking your lifetime goals and break them down into the next year, then break them down by month. I personally only do one month at a time. If I do more than one month, I find myself getting overwhelmed.
  2. Calendar – This section is for my monthly calendar. My calendar layout must have a notes section running down the side of the calendar. In the calendar itself is where I put down all of my important dates. I never put tasks in my calendar. In the notes section is where I will put my goals for the current month.
  3. Monthly Tasks and Review – In this section I have a page for tasks and a page for review. On the tasks page I put what my top 3 goals are for the month. Then I will lists tasks I need to accomplish for the month. The goals and tasks should incorporate your yearly goals. At the beginning of every month, I refer back to my annual goals and plan out my monthly tasks page. Then at the end of the month I like to do a monthly review. How did your month go? Here is where I put down my success and opprotunites for improvement.
  4. Daily Tasks – This is my daily section to schedule my day and tasks. I have made my own printable for my daily schedule and tasks that works best for me and my lifestyle. If your not in to that type of thing, check out all the different options on Etsy.
  5. Capture – In this section I just use plain notebook paper, so I can “brain dump” everything that I am thinking about or overwhelming me. For me and most people it helps to get all this out of your head and down on paper so you can start to put action plans in place for all of your ideas, tasks, appointments, projects, and goals. I love this section!!

Cherish, Choices, and Life

Word for 2019: Cherish

This time of year, I really start thinking about the new year and reflecting on the current year. I do a lot of  journaling and start thinking about my goals for the New Year. Something I did different this year is I decided to pick a word or theme if you will. I wanted a word that I felt like will remind me to be thankful, happy with what I have, grateful for the people in my life, thankful for my life and my health. And that word is Cherish. I really want to practice cherishing who and what I have in my life. Life is short and you never know what tomorrow will bring, so I am going  to live for today and do my absolute best to cherish everyone in my life.  

Less is More

A few years ago I started to change my lifestyle, I decided to have a less in more attitude.  Not only was my desire to change my way of thinking about being and feeling content with what I have. It was also about feeling buried by stuff. Feeling overwhelmed with all the material things in my life. I wanted to start really thinking about purchases before I swiped my card or handed over my cash. Is this a need or a want? Why do I want this? Does it bring my joy? Will I cherish it for a long time or will I grow tired of it quickly.  And it goes beyond material things as well, my desire to be a minimalist has evolved into other areas of my life. I’ve tried to remove myself from negative and stressful situations, and stop and think about my commitments before I agree to or make them. 


I think everyday we are all faced with several choices and those choices make a lot of difference in our everyday lives. It often means the different between feeling stressed or content. I personally really struggle with anxiety and depression, and for me when I over commit myself I feel overwhelmed to the point of anxiety attacks. I am a person who wants everything done, organized, and clean. And if those things are not done and I have to take care of several commitments I begin to feel like I just can’t deal. Its hard for me to let go of anything and as a self proclaimed people pleaser I don’t like to let anyone down. It makes me feel like a failure. Nuts, I know. Here are a few tips that have helped me along the way. I give myself time limits, I try to schedule my day into time blocks. I also like to give myself the opportunity to have some quiet time and practice self care. And I stop and think about what I actually have physical time for as well as emotional time for. Sometimes I may have the physical time but if I am emotionally drained and need to re-charge I will often decline a commitment because I know I will not be emotional present and will end of feeling more drained.  


I learned something about myself through my “less is more” attitude I have been going through and evolving through the past few years. And that is, I am a minimalist at heart. I feel content when I don’t have a lot of stuff in my personal space. 

Holiday Traditions

I am thankful for our families holiday traditions. I love traditions, I am a person of habit and structure. I so look forward to getting together as a family to enjoy some time together.

Here are a few of ours.

  • We all sit down together is our jammies and cozy socks and watch Polar Express every year. We get Hot Cocoa and Popcorn and snuggle in. The whole family looks forward to in.
  • We do a Christmas light tour. We love to pile into the car and go around looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights. With Hot Cocoa in hand of coarse. Are you sensing a trend here?
  • My husband and I do a Christmas Eve Eve box for our girls. We have teenage girls so we always have some PJ’s, slippers or cozy socks, a mug of their own for Hot Cocoa, a few pieces of candy, lip balm, and face mask. They love it.
  • Christmas Eve, we enjoy candlelight service at our church. Our church sings traditional Christmas music which I love. Then we go home to a dinner of prime rib and crab. Then we let the girls open another gift. It is such a wonderful night.

I would love to hear about your family traditions is the comments.

I hope you feel beautiful today!

Jill, XOXO

I am Thankful for God’s Grace

I am a sinner, I am so far from perfect it nuts. I make mistakes all the time, I do the wrong thing often. I am so thankful for God’s unconditional love and complete and total perfection. I am thankful that I know when I am struggling God is there with me to help me through whatever I am going through. I am thankful to know He will never leave me. I am thankful to know I will have eternal life with my loved one and God almighty and I am thankful to know that, that eternal life with be so perfect and peaceful.


Holiday Self Care & De-Stress

During the holiday season I think we as Moms tend to care and think of everyone else. Which don’t get me wrong I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. As long as you are not neglecting yourself. And let’s face it, it can be hard to take care of ourselves during this busy time of year.

Here are a few things I do to help me remember to take a little time out for myself and enjoy some self care.

  1. Journal. I so enjoy to sit down at night with a glass of wine or cup of hot cocoa by the Christmas tree and do my journaling. I think journaling helps all of us refocus and stop and think about how we are feeling. So if you don’t already have a journal, I recommend TJ Maxx. They have a lot of beautiful ones for a great price. Also, don’t forget a grab a pen or two that you will really love. My favorite are the Pentel Energel in the needle point.
  2. Slow Down and Enjoy. This is a season of love, giving, and being with the most important people to us. I can get in such a hurry making sure everything is done I don’t stop and enjoy the best part of season which is the company of my family and friends. Schedule a date night or a game night with the whole family. Another thing I love to do is what I call “invite night”. My kids know on invite night their friends are welcome. My husband and I have always tried to be a home that our children’s friends can come to and feel comfortable. We want to know our kid’s friends and want them to know us.
  3. Treat Yourself. I absolutely love a few treats this time of year. And one of those is Bath and Body Works candles and body care items. My favorite scent is Twisted Peppermint. I love the scent of Peppermint. It is my absolute favorite. If Twister Peppermint is not for you, check out Vanilla Bean Noel. Another great scent Bath and Body come out with this time of year.

4. A few other essentials for me this time of year is the Agave Lip Mask by Bite Cosmetics. I purchased mine and Sephora. The one pictured here is in a set of 3 you get Candy Cane, Maple, and Natural. They don’t have any color. If you struggle with chapped lips I can’t tell you how awesome this is. The other thing is a good Lip Scrub. I like the one pictured above by Eco Lips. I purchased mine at Walmart. Then lastly is this Hand and Nail Cream. I need an extra punch in my hand cream this time of year and this is my go to. I also purchased mine at Sephora, I believe it was $15.00.

5. A few cozy sweaters, I love a good warm and really soft sweater. This year I found a few that I love at H & M. This prices are great too. Here is my favorite.img_1520

6. Set a Christmas budget. Then figure out who you are buying gifts for and figure out how much you will spend on each person, don’t forget dinner you will be hosting or hostess gifts for parties you plan on attending. Our family has a Christmas binder that I use to stay organized. There are several printables on Etsy if you are interested in making one of your own.

7. Lastly, remember the reason for the season. Jesus!

God Bless!

Jill, XOXO


Thankful for Everything

I am thankful for everything.

All of the hardships and tears. The laughter and joy. All of it.

I look back on some of the toughest times in my life and I am thankful to have had those experiences because they lead me to where I am today.

It is not what we go through that makes us the people we are today but how we overcome and respond to all of it. We are the master of how we react and let things affect us.

I’m Thankful For My Mom

I’m pretty convinced I have the best Mom ever. I suppose I am a little bit biased. I feel so blessed to have such a great friendship with my Mom. I talk to my Mom almost everyday and I can tell her just about anything and everything. I have always felt her love and concern for me and my well being.

She is such a strong, hard working, smart woman. I am truly proud of the woman she is. I try to fill her shoes but know I will never come close, she has not only ran our successful family business with my Dad, but she always kept our house and yard so clean and in tip top shape. Not to mention being there for me and all of my actives, I don’t know how she accomplished all she did in  a day. I’m pretty sure she might be super woman.

Thanks Mom for being my Mom and the best Mom ever. I love you forever!!

XOXO, Jill