Favorite 15 Frugal Tips

My favorite frugal tips.

  1. Do a financial audit. Look at what you are paying for that you can cut from from your budget. Look closely at subscriptions. We can end with so many subscriptions, and while each one may not cost much, when you add them all up they can get pretty expensive. Check out the https://privacy.com/ . I love privacy and use them all the time. You can set your credit card or debit card up on privacy and they will give you a card to use for your online shopping. You can assign different cards for different things along with budgets for each card. This helped me stay on top of online spending and subscriptions. When you use this link you will get a free $5.00! https://privacy.com/join/JR92J .
  2. Meal Plan. One of the biggest expenses American have beside their house payment is food. And you will definitely overspend if you head off to the grocery store without a plan in place. Get you family involved, have everybody contribute 5 of their favorites and put them on list you meal planning is quick and easy. I also recommend allreciepes.com .
  3. Shop your refrigerator, freezer and panty before you head off to the grocery store. Try to meal plan around what you already have and what will expire the soonest. You can even look up recipes on allrecipes.com and several other sites around what you already have. Its a great way to find some new exciting recipes.
  4. Never go shopping hungry. You are way more likely to overspend if your hungry.
  5. Keep a granola bar or something in your purse or car for those days when you running errands. If you have a snack handy you will not be so likely to go through a drive thru. Which cause you to go over your budget and its unhealthy.
  6. Learn to say “No”. Plans come up all the time and it is so fun to go out to dinner with friends and family but the reality is we don’t always have it in our budget. Its ok to say no. And a less expensive option is to do a dinner party at your house, everyone can bring their favorite dish along with the recipes to make that dish. Its fun getting new recipes and usually alot more relaxing and fun to have a dinner party at home. Get out some card or board games.
  7. Look for ways to save money. There are a ton of free apps like Rakaten https://www.rakuten.com/r/CRITEL10?eeid=28187, ibotta sneywnx, and Fetch Rewards.
  8. Write down your budget, there is something about writing down your budget that help you really get it clear in your mind. If you are new to budgeting start by tracking your expenses for that last few months and tracking what you are spending in each category. Pay close attention to what you are spending on food, it seems to be the number one place we all overspend.
  9. Learn to make your favorite coffee drinks at home. They are not hard to make, cost a fraction of what you will pay at your local coffee shop, and you can customize to your taste. I LOVE coffee, and I love making my coffees at home. Check out Pinterest for some good recipes. If there is a certain meal you love at your favorite restaurant figure out how to make it at home. It will save you a lot of money cooking it yourself.
  10. When grocery shopping look at the cost, a lot of times when you buy vegetables and fruit if you wash and cut them up yourself you will save a lot of money verses buying the ones pre cut.
  11. Do It Yourself. Rather than paying someone to do your lawn care, paint, do your nails, groom your dog, etc. Watch some YouTube videos and learn how to do it yourself and save money.
  12. Get a side hustle, there are so many opportunities to make some extra money you just need to do your research.
  13. Get your family on board with what you are trying to accomplish financially. Ask them to contribute to ways you as a family can cut down on your budget. Maybe the end result will be a fun vacation or outing you can do as a family with some of the money you save.
  14. Set financial goals. Setting goals and reviewing them often help us to keep our eyes on the prize. And work to accomplishing goals. There is nothing better than setting a big goal for ourselves and accomplish it.
  15. Shop at thrift stores. They are everywhere and you can usually find some really good items in them. I personally love to DIY, so the thrift store is often where I go to find items I can DIY.

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