Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half!!

Yes, that’s right let’s cut that bill in half!!!!!!
In most household food in the second most expensive thing we have in our budgets, with our homes being the number one. And it is one of the things most household overspend on each month. Have you ever sat down and added up what you have spent on groceries and food in the last month?

When I think about groceries, I considerate anything and everything consumable. So toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, wipes, garbage bags, everything that we consume in our household. Even dog or cat food should be included in your consumable budget.

So what should we be spending? My advice is roughly about $100 per person per month as a rough guideline. This may not work for certain people who have specific dietary needs. And if it does not that’s ok, I recommend starting with this rough guideline and making adjusts as you need to, to come up with an amount that works for your household.

In our home we have 3 people and 4 dogs. And I find it pretty easy to stick within the $300 per month range. That equates out to $75 per week.

I recommend going to the grocery story one per week and budgeting your money on a per week basis, again this may not work for your family and you can easily adjust what you need to do differently. This is how I do it in our household.

Here are some tips to stay within or below that budget.
– Plan ahead
– Take inventory, figure out what you already have in your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry before you run out a buy something you don’t need.
– Make a meal plan based on what you already have and need to use up.
– Then make your grocery list.
– Look at adds in your area to see what is on sale. Or use Walmart’s price matching and just go to Walmart and price match other stores ads. When you find a good deal try to buy one or two more if you have it in your budget.
– Use your freezer! If your already cooking why not make two so you can freeze one. It is not only more cost effective but you will also have yourself time of cooking on another night that may be busy for your family. Yo can simply grab something out of your freezer instead of running out to fast food or ordering pizza.

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