Self Care Part #1

Don’t Forget to Prioritize You…….

Hi Friends! Hope you are all doing well!

I did something this week that I have never done before, and it was wonderful. I spent a whole week prioritizing me.

The reason for my week of self care was, I have been have a difficult time lately. I have struggled for quite a long time with anxiety. I also have some other health issues, and the anxiety compounds my already existing health issues. I have felt like I am really struggling to keep up for the past few months so I have decided to take a break. Not just a little break but a big break. My heart, soul, and mind really need me to prioritize me. And this last week that is just what I did.

As anyone who reads my blog knows I have a strong Faith and when I struggle I do my best to turn to the Lord for wisdom and strength. Which is exactly what I did a lot of this last week, and I have to say I can feel my heart healing.

I want to share a bit about my journey this past week. I hope if you are in the same position as I have been, you will give yourself permission to prioritize you.

I spent a lot of time reading my Bible, Praying, and Meditation on what I was reading. I can’t put into words the peace I felt. It was truly remarkable and so replenishing to my soul.

I journaled more that I think I have in the past year. For me journaling is how I think and soul search. I spent a lot of time thinking about what is stressful to me and what made me feel uneasy. I basically started to unpack my emotional backpack. And goodness was there a lot of things to unpack once I started the process. There was one day in particular that I really struggled with one of my current challenges. It was one of those things that I just keep putting on that back burner and not really dealing with because I was feeling too hurt to face my feelings. It was easier to just feel angry and hurt. I think sometimes we don’t deal or face certain struggles as somewhat of a survival. It’s hard for me to explain how much I felt God leading me through this particular situation.

I journaled more that I have think I have in the last year. For me journaling is how I think and soul search. I journaled everyday and sometime multiple times a day. I could feel God leading me each day as I would sit down and think about what was causing me unreast, anxiety, and worry. There was one day in particular that was so hard and so wonderful at the sametime. There is something that I have really been struggling with for the past few months. I have felt hurt and angry. And the worst part is, I have basically have been putting my stressful ugly emotional mess on the back burner. It was easier for me just to be upset, than face how I was feeling. I have been doing a bang up job feeling like a victim. Not Good! When the day came to unpack this emotional turmoil I was feeling. It became clear to me, I also played a part in what has been going on. It was as eye opening experience, not easy to face but I am thankful and humbled by the revelation of a few things I need to work on.

Here I am at the end of my week, and I have a few new perspectives.

Self care does not just mean taking the time to pamper yourself and relax. It is also doing your best to be the best version of yourself. I think everyone has a different set of things they need to work on to be the best version of themselves. For me it starts with giving myself the permission to prioritize myself. That is hard for me, but what I came to understand is, if I am not prioritizing myself I am not going to be my best for my family. And that is so important to me. I want to be there for my family, I want them to know and feel my love, support, and appreciation for them. I want to create a home that is a safe haven for all of us, that we can decompress, laugh, cry, and be together in. A place where my kids can bring their friends to and know that they will be welcomed. A place to gather as a family and create lasting memories.

I hope this inspires you to grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit down in a quite space and spend some time journaling, praying, or reading. I pray the Lord leads you and provides you with the wisdom you need to navigate whatever you may be going through.

God Bless, Jill

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