Hi Friends! Its so good to be back posting!

I hope you all had a great Christmas!

I love Christmas, its my favorite holiday but I am always happy when its over and I can get back into my routine. We had family over for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, AJ and I stayed busy cooking. It was exhausting and delicious. Would not have traded it for anything, I love entertaining.

This was the first Christmas I did not have both of my girls at home, Breanna is in college so it feels different not having her home during the Christmas season. The girls and I often do our Christmas baking, shopping, decorating, and wrapping together. She was missed for a lot of those activities.

I am so enjoying getting back into a routine, and I spent yesterday deep cleaning my house. It was really  hard work but when it was done and I could enjoy all my hard work, I felt so accomplished and proud of myself.


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