Happy New Years!

Can you believe it is 2019?!!

I love the new year, its time to start fresh and do some planning, soul searching, and think about the past year. What worked and what did not work.

I am all about planning and putting some goals in place.

Goal setting can be hard. How often do you set a goal and never actually follow it through to completion? I know I have. We all of a lot of things we want to accomplish, but that’s easier said than done. Goals can be excited and scary at the same time to put down on paper. I struggle with making attainable goals for myself. I tend to get a bit too ambitions when I set goals for myself. If you are anything like me or maybe even the opposite and don’t put enough ambition into your goals, then read on my friend!!

Attainable Goal Setting 101:

  1. What do you want to achieve? Why? What about this goal is important to you and how will it better your life? Be very specific, now is the time to dig deep.
  2. Now that you have determined the what and the why, commit to it!
  3. Next ask yourself the following questions. Is it measurable, attainable, can I set a done or completed time to it? If you have answer “yes” to all of these then your on the right track.

Now that you have gone through steps 1 – 3 lets put a plan in place to achieve your goal. For me I do all of my goal planning in my planner. You don’t need to use a planner, a simple notebook will work to.


I prefer to use pen and paper when doing my planning. If you are more partial to the digital planner options out there, I’m sure there is a way to get the following system to work for you in a digital format as well.

The planner I use is a 3 ring binder, I love to be able to customize it exactly how I want it. I make and print out my own printables and find some that I purchase on different Etsy shops as well. Just make sure your planner works for you and not the other way around. I have used several over the years and have more often than not found that I was conforming to the planner. I want to conform a planner to my personal lifestyle.

Planner layout by section:

  1. Goals – Create some categories such as, career, finance, personal, health and fitness, and so on and so on. Write down your lifetime goals and yearly goals here. Make sure to put target dates next to each goal. I do monthly goals in this section as well. Ideally you should be taking your lifetime goals and break them down into the next year, then break them down by month. I personally only do one month at a time. If I do more than one month, I find myself getting overwhelmed.
  2. Calendar – This section is for my monthly calendar. My calendar layout must have a notes section running down the side of the calendar. In the calendar itself is where I put down all of my important dates. I never put tasks in my calendar. In the notes section is where I will put my goals for the current month.
  3. Monthly Tasks and Review – In this section I have a page for tasks and a page for review. On the tasks page I put what my top 3 goals are for the month. Then I will lists tasks I need to accomplish for the month. The goals and tasks should incorporate your yearly goals. At the beginning of every month, I refer back to my annual goals and plan out my monthly tasks page. Then at the end of the month I like to do a monthly review. How did your month go? Here is where I put down my success and opprotunites for improvement.
  4. Daily Tasks – This is my daily section to schedule my day and tasks. I have made my own printable for my daily schedule and tasks that works best for me and my lifestyle. If your not in to that type of thing, check out all the different options on Etsy.
  5. Capture – In this section I just use plain notebook paper, so I can “brain dump” everything that I am thinking about or overwhelming me. For me and most people it helps to get all this out of your head and down on paper so you can start to put action plans in place for all of your ideas, tasks, appointments, projects, and goals. I love this section!!

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