Cherish, Choices, and Life

Word for 2019: Cherish

This time of year, I really start thinking about the new year and reflecting on the current year. I do a lot of  journaling and start thinking about my goals for the New Year. Something I did different this year is I decided to pick a word or theme if you will. I wanted a word that I felt like will remind me to be thankful, happy with what I have, grateful for the people in my life, thankful for my life and my health. And that word is Cherish. I really want to practice cherishing who and what I have in my life. Life is short and you never know what tomorrow will bring, so I am going  to live for today and do my absolute best to cherish everyone in my life.  

Less is More

A few years ago I started to change my lifestyle, I decided to have a less in more attitude.  Not only was my desire to change my way of thinking about being and feeling content with what I have. It was also about feeling buried by stuff. Feeling overwhelmed with all the material things in my life. I wanted to start really thinking about purchases before I swiped my card or handed over my cash. Is this a need or a want? Why do I want this? Does it bring my joy? Will I cherish it for a long time or will I grow tired of it quickly.  And it goes beyond material things as well, my desire to be a minimalist has evolved into other areas of my life. I’ve tried to remove myself from negative and stressful situations, and stop and think about my commitments before I agree to or make them. 


I think everyday we are all faced with several choices and those choices make a lot of difference in our everyday lives. It often means the different between feeling stressed or content. I personally really struggle with anxiety and depression, and for me when I over commit myself I feel overwhelmed to the point of anxiety attacks. I am a person who wants everything done, organized, and clean. And if those things are not done and I have to take care of several commitments I begin to feel like I just can’t deal. Its hard for me to let go of anything and as a self proclaimed people pleaser I don’t like to let anyone down. It makes me feel like a failure. Nuts, I know. Here are a few tips that have helped me along the way. I give myself time limits, I try to schedule my day into time blocks. I also like to give myself the opportunity to have some quiet time and practice self care. And I stop and think about what I actually have physical time for as well as emotional time for. Sometimes I may have the physical time but if I am emotionally drained and need to re-charge I will often decline a commitment because I know I will not be emotional present and will end of feeling more drained.  


I learned something about myself through my “less is more” attitude I have been going through and evolving through the past few years. And that is, I am a minimalist at heart. I feel content when I don’t have a lot of stuff in my personal space. 

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