Questions to ask yourself.

Journaling questions to ask yourself:

  1. How do I see the world?
  2. What do I love most about myself?
  3. Best childhood experience?
  4. Best book I ever read and why?
  5. Who in my life is the most inspirational and why?
  6. What would I say to my younger self?
  7. What are the most important life lessons I have learned?
  8. Write about someone you love?
  9. Favorite childhood memory.
  10. What did you parents teach you that you are thankful to have learned?
  11. Best day ever?
  12. Worst day ever? What did you learn from that day and what would you differently today?
  13. Favorite hobby? Why?
  14. What makes you the happiest?
  15. What does your ideal day look like?
  16. What is your biggest dream?
  17. Write down attainable Goals for the next 30 days then write down an actionable plan to achieve those goals? Why are these goals important to you?
  18. Journal about your goals everyday, how are you doing on them?
  19. What is your why? Why do you do what you do?
  20. What about your family do you love most?
  21. Best vacation you have ever been on and why?
  22. What is you life mission statement?
  23. At your funeral what do you hope your friends and family remember most about you? Hard worker, great listener, great friend, dependable, love and lived life to the fullest?
  24. What would your best friend say about you?
  25. What is your favorite movie? Why?
  26. What is your pet peeve?
  27. What do you need to be content?
  28. Write about inner peace. When do you feel the most at peace.
  29. What is your favorite holiday?
  30. Write a letter to your future child or current child.

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