I love to clean my house.

I am one of those weird people who enjoy cleaning my house. And it is because I love our house. I love the people who live and who have lived in our home. I love the tears and laughter that live in those walls. I love all of it, it has been the roof over our heads and the walls that block out so much of the world. It is our place where we can be ourselves like our real raw selves. We can laugh, love, yell, fight, and forgive all in that house. Its where I pray and look for solace. Its where my family looks for solace. I love that.

It is where we all cuddle up with a big bowl of popcorn and watch movies. Its where we watch the Polar Express every Christmas with our Hot Cocoa. Its where on cool evenings we laugh and have s’mores around the fire pit in the backyard. We have taken countless pictures for countless moments that we will never forget, and they have all taken place in that house.

We have welcomed so many friends and family members into our home over the years and have shared so much laughter. There are so many first days and last days of school, and now a high school graduation and a off to college. That house is my happy place.



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