Coffee Coffee Coffee

I am so thankful for coffee.

So let me just start by saying “I am not a morning person”. Nope quite the opposite actually I pretty much dislike mornings with my whole being in the morning. I don’t like to talk or interact in any way. Its painful for me. I wake up very begrudgingly usually and am immediately thinking about coffee. “I need coffee”. I have thought about cutting coffee out of my life because it honestly kind of ridiculous to want and need something so much. The only thing I should need is Jesus. But the idea of my mornings without coffee sort of just makes be cringe. Sounds like a terrible idea when I really think about it. So, I continue to have my delicious cup of Joe each and every morning.

I start each day with my devotional, pray, a reading in my Bible, an entry in my journal, and a delicious cup of coffee.  I am currently journaling about my goals. I made some 30 days goals and am staying up on them by journaling about how I am doing on them each day. And the reason why I am doing that is because my biggest 30 day goal is to keep the promises I make to myself. So by journaling about them each day I am holding myself accountable.


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