Favorite Amazon Products

I love how convenient and affordable Amazon can be. I probably get a package for there at least a few times per month.

Here is a list of my favorites along with link so you can also check them out.

These Heel Liners, they are a must in my car kit and my home. There is nothing worse than a cute pair of shoes that are constantly slipping off your heel. The price on these are great and they are super comfortable too.

This Hand Sanitize Spray. This stuff is alcohol free so it does not dry out your hands. I have them in the car, my purse, at the office. It has a great cap that snaps on tight so you don’t have to worry about slips.

These diamond pen in rose gold. I know they may be considered a little over the top but they are so beautiful and fun to write with if you are a pen freak like me.

These earsable pens and a must have in my book. I have a planner girl, I love pens that write really well, I like to have multiple colors as well. And bonus, they are erasable.

Do you love coffee? If so they these little candies are so so good. I keep them at home, the car, my purse, at the office. Yep I think I have an addiction to these as well.

These earrings are so pretty and light weight. They come in a ton of different colors and they are so pretty.


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