How do I stay productive.

I am in general an pretty organized person. I love clean spaces that look organized and clutter free. I also like pretty things. I have included a few pictures of my at home work space to hopefully give you a little inspiration of your own.

In order to accomplish a clean and organized space I only have the most essential things on my desktop. I do not want several things to clutter up my desk because then my mind feels cluttered. In order for my to focus on one task and do it well I need to have a clear workspace with minimal distractions. If I have several projects sitting on my desk I really struggle to keep on task. I also like things around me that mean alot to me and pretty things that give me inspiration. I have several photos of my husband, children, and parents in my office. The ones on the wall above me with the exception of my oldest daughters senior pictures, I have taken them all. I love photography I having my pictures up inspires me.

As you can see in the photos I have a clear glass desk, I love this desk because it is so clean and clear. There really is no visual clutter and my office is in a small bedroom in our house so I did not want anything that would make the room feel smaller than it already was.


I love this gold pen holder and marble stapler, I purchased them at Target, as well as this cute work lamp. My Mom got this lamp for me a few years ago and it makes the perfect work light. I  have a lot of natural light in this room too which makes everything feel very light and airy.

I like to section my pens by color, so this pen holder works perfect for me. I also love this cute little candle. I purchased it from the Dollar Tree, it is the perfect little candle for my desk.


I love this organizer for my action file and outgoing mail. Again I like that it is on the smaller side so it doesn’t take up much visual or physical space.


I have a file cart below my desk that has one drawer for office supplies and one file drawer. I use the file drawer for mostly permanent files. Basically things I never really move out of this drawer but have easy access to when ever I need them. This file cart came from Office Max several years ago. There are several on Amazon that would work well too. For the files I use for reference and get changed yearly I use this cute little file box from Target and this accordion folder. The accordion folder is for bills that I have already paid, I file them in alphabetical order. Everything tax related for our personal finances goes in the very back, so when it is time to do my taxes I just pull everything out of the back of the folder.


I also keep my home management binders here, which is right behind my desk on this cute ladder shelf I got from Hobby Lobby. It makes accessing all of it really easy and efficient.

I also have this cube shelf that I actually got from my youngest daughter after she retired it from her room. You can get these anywhere, but my current favorite are the ones from Wal-Mart. They are super affordable and sturdy. I have Dollar Tree bins on this shelf and I have them all labeled. The key to staying organized in to keep specific things in each bin, try not to use them from multiple different things. This way it is easy to access and remember exactly what is in each bin.


I love that I have 2 empty cubes, this way I have room to grow. I don’t like things to be packed. It’s nice to know I can always add another bin if I need to store something else there.


My desk does not have any drawers but one I do feel like is essential is the keyboard tray, not only is it better ergonomically but it helps keep my space clear. I am currently using a binder for a planner and it is the best thing I have used yet. I love to try different planners, but this is by far the best one yet and the easiest to use. I can just print out my printables and use a regular hole punch to punch holes in them. Its just so easy to find things that are easy to use and it gives me a lot of options for creativity.

If you would like me to do a post and planner tour just comment below.




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