Dollar Tree Back To School Supplies

If you are still in the market for back to school supplies you should check out the Dollar Tree. While I don’t love all of their products I have found some that are great! Here is my list of go to products.

  • Composition Books, not only are they only $1.00 but they have some really cute designs and they hold up really well.
  • Binder Tabs with Pockets, I love love love these. You only get 4 tabs for $1.00 but I think for what you get its a really good price. They hold up really well and my favorite part is you can see the tabs past sheet protectors. I hate it when my sheet protectors are longer than my binder tabs.
  • Dry Erase Markers, we use them in our home everyday for labeling all sorts of things. I think they are great quality. Be aware they are more of a bold tip however.
  • Sticky Notes, not only are they a great deal but the quality is excellent and you can get either plain or they also have some cute designs.
  • Magnetic List Pad, if your kid needs one for their locker or you need one for your refrigerator, these have been my go to for quite some time. I use them on the side of my refrigerator to keep my running grocery list. Side note I also have a magnetic binder clip and cup holder from the dollar tree that I use to keep a supple of pens on the side of my refrigerator to easily jot done items I need to get.
  • Pens, I really like the JOT brand. I have only tried the gel ones in multiple colors and they work pretty well. They are not the best gel pen but they work well for us to use on our kitchen calendar throughout the year. Check out Do It On A Dime’s website for a really cool and inexpensive family calendar to put on your refrigerator for all of your families needs. She has some really great post on organization as well.
  • Page Protectors, I only get my page protectors at the dollar tree. They are good quality and so reasonable.

I hope this helps to maybe save a little money on your school supply list.


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