What I Learned From My Parents

I was born in 1976. Life has changed a lot and in some ways has stayed the same. We all have different views and opinions about most everything. How much of that comes from the way we were raised.

My parents have instilled a lot of morals and ethics in me through out my childhood. I am so proud of my folks, they are some of the hardest working honest people I know. I  am truly grateful to be able to call them Mom and Dad.

My parents taught me a lot over the years but here are the one that stick out the most.

  1. Family is important. A lot can change in life but who your family is never changes.
  2. Work hard and always to my best. My best is all and everything I can give, never be afraid of a hard days work and if your going to do something do it right. But work smart.
  3. Emotion is not something to run, its okay to feel deeply and have people in your life you confide in. Never bottle up feelings, they will eat you up inside if you internalize them.
  4. Love the Lord, I am blessed to come from God fearing people.
  5. Focus on the bright side, life will not always be fair. I will have my share of ups and downs along the way but count your blessings. There is always someone who is worse off than I am so I should never take anything for granted.
  6. I am entitled to nothing no one is.
  7. Take care of your possessions, it was hard work to get the opportunity to buy and acquire those things. Take pride in that.


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