De-Clutter Your Life

This summer has been one of busy chaos stressfulness.  I feel like we have not had the time to just take a breath and enjoy the summer. I have felt so much presure from all of the chaos that my anxiety is on high alert. In all this chaos I have learned an important life lesson and that lesson is to reset and re-evalute what I am doing and where I am putting my energies. Also, I need to be thoughtful of what I am allowing into my life, I need to set some Boundries and not let negativity into my thoughts and life.

AJ and I make it a point to keep our priorites straight. Our number one priority is God, Family is second, and Work is third. We are very protective about what comes into our home and our lives. We feel that by keeping our priorites in this order we are doing God’s Will and taking care of whats most important first.

Recently, we had what we call a “Reset”. Our reset is re-evealuation of what we are doing and where we are putting our energies. And what we figured out was there is too much going on right now. And all of these “things” are taking control for us, things that are not important in the scheme of things. So we put our heads together and started doing some subtracting and not only that but also what we need to do in the future so we don’t get to this state of chaos again. Wheeew! Talk about a breath of fresh air!!

In short, my life lesson is be very careful of what you are giving control to. Be thoughtful of your priorites and goals. Set thoughtful boundries. When life does not seem to make sense or add up, try removing things it will often simplify things. And people will often suprise you, sometimes in a good and sometimes in a not so good way. But try to assume good attentions of everyone because I truly believe most people do have the best intentions at heart.

I highly recommend the book “The Best Yes” by Lysa TerKeurst linked here.

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