Favorite Movies

Top 10 Favorite Movies.

I am the biggest fan of wholesome, inspiring, romantic and funny movies. So if that is you, you will love this list.

These are is not in order. I don’t think I could ever pick a number one. I love them all.

  1. Sweet Home Alabama – I love this movie and I have watched it more times than I care to mention over the years. This girl LOVES a good chic flick.
  2. Blindside – Such a good movie. I love a really good inspiring movie of any kind. What I loved most about this movie is it opened my eyes to the fact of how unfortunate some people are and how others kindness can change their lives dramatically.
  3. Anne of Green Gables – This movie is so old but I still love it so much.
  4. The Man From Snowy River  – This is such a great story and the scenery in the movie is beautiful. Again this is an old one, but I love older movies so if you don’t then this one is not for you.
  5. The Horse Whisper – I am sure from my choices you can figure out I am a horse lover. And this is such a wonderful movie. I love that it was filmed in Montana, it is so beautiful. Incredible story about a girl and her horse.
  6. The Titanic – Well this is just a beautiful romance. How can you not love The Titanic.
  7. Ride Along – So funny.
  8. Christmas Vacation – This one and the next 2 we watch every Christmas. These are all classics in our home.
  9. Polar Express
  10. Elf

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