Top 5 Beauty Favorites

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Here are my ride or die top 5 favorites!

  1. Lash Paradise Mascara by L’Oreal. I love really good mascara, and I feel like L’Oreal can really hit it out of the park on their mascaras. I personally feel like this compares well with anything higher end and it the one I continue to reach for. And bonus its drugstore!!
  2. Bare Minerals Powder Foundation. I feel like I have a love hate relationship with this foundation but it has definitely stood the test of time for me. It is not the only one I use because I often switch it up between this a liquid foundation depending on the type of skin day I am having. My skin type is on the dryer side and I would not recommend this foundation if you have dry skin because it can dry you out. But the finish in flawless, its build-able, application is easy, and it has an spf built in.
  3. Bare Minerals Oil Cleanser. I love love love this cleanser. One would think Oil and run the other direction but it does not cause breakout, at least for me. And I can be pron to break out on my chin. I tend to wear a lot of make up and this stuff does the trick removing it all, even that waterproof, bullet proof, impossible to remove stuff. I just put it on and then take a warm as comfortable wash cloth and wipe off.
  4. Jergen’s Self Tanner. I love this and it is cost effective. It does not give me an orange fake tan what so ever. It is build-able over time and it does not leave you feeling greasy. It also has a pleasant scent.
  5. Morphie Eyeshadow Pallet. I think they are all great. Their shadows are soft and creamy, they are really pigmented, have great color payoff, and the price is reasonable.

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