Must Have Smart Phone Apps


My current phone is the iphone 8 plus. I love this phone, it is my second one and I don’t see upgrading anytime soon.

Here is a list of apps I think are a must, in no particular order.

  • ibotta – Great way to save money. You need to click on your store or stores and add each item you will be purchasing. Check back often because the app is always adding new items. Then when you get your receipt form the store, simply scan your receipt and the app will look for offers. Once you get to $20.00 you can cash out your offers into a electronic gift card.
  • Walmart App – Savings Catcher. Scan every receipt into your Savings Catcher and it will compare other retailers prices. If the item you purchased was available for a lower price somewhere else it will give you the difference. You will get the credit on your Walmart pay and can use it at check out. My lifetime savings have been $195.90, not bad for just scanning receipts right?
  • MyFitnessPal – This app tracks your calories and activity. I have tried several apps for watching what I eat and this one is by far the best and its free!
  • CreditKarma – Free, and you can stay on top of your credit score and who is looking at your credit. I do this for identity theft purposes mostly.
  • EveryDollar – This is a paid app but I highly recommend it for budgeting. It works really well and you can sync it with your bank so your transactions automatically come over and you just need to categorize when they go.
  • Life360 – This is such a great family app. Check it out.
  • Audible – I love books and I love listening to them in the car. We also have Amazon’s Echo and I sync my¬† books on my Echo so I can listen to them at home with I’m in the kitchen cooking or whatever.

These are my favorites! Check them out and let me know what you think. Please share your favorites as well.

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