Netflix TV You Will Love!

If you like me, you are always looking for something good to watch on Netflix. Here is my current list that I am loving!

I love anything suspenseful and feel good. I hate blood, gore, and anything dirty. Just not my cup of tea. If you are into the same type of TV I bet you will love these.

Here are a few suggestions you will binge hard on. 

  1. Shooter – SO SO Good, you will love this show.
  2. Persons of Interest – This is an old one that is not airing anymore but there are several episodes/ seasons available on Netflix still.
  3. Longmire – This one is a modern day western set in Wyoming. My husband and I have watched these through twice. There will be no more seasons coming out on this one but there is a ton to watch on Netflix.
  4. Blindspot
  5. Blacklist
  6. Heartland – My most favorite, but I am a horse lover through and through. This is a great family show.
  7. Riverdale

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