10 Things I Can’t Live Without

img_0639Here are the 10 things (all material things) in my life I can’t live without. Well to be honest I could, I just really don’t want to.

  1. Bible – This is my number one self help book. When I am struggling I always try to go to my Bible and most often God will speak what I need to hear through what I am reading.
  2. My Cell Phone, I don’t think I could do without my iphone. I have an iphone 8+ , I love this phone. It does everything I need it to do and probably a lot more. I love the calendar this phone has as well as several other tools that help keep me productive.
  3. Really good foundation. I am currently using it Cosmetics CC+ cream. I love this foundation, it has a 50+ sunscreen in it and is so hydrating. I tend to have dryer skin so I love the hydration, it give a luminous flawless finish. Good Stuff.
  4. Lip Products – I love love Lip anything, lip balm, lipstick, liquid lipstick, lip glosses. You name it. I love my Lip products. My current favorite for the season is the Clinique Matte + Primer Lipsticks. These are hydrating and long wearing, I feel like I have nothing on my lips. No one wants a heavy sticky lip product, right?
  5. Journal – I journal almost daily. My journal keeps me balanced, I am able to brain dump everything that is going on in my life and I almost always feel better after I journal.
  6. To Do List – I love structure and plans. I am definitely one of those people who love to write down the tasks in front of my and then cross them off my list. I get so much satisfaction from looking at everything I have accomplished.
  7. Clean Sheets – I know its probably really weird, but I love clean sheets. If I could I would have clean sheets everyday. And I like them right out of the dryer. I also love a really good fabric softener for my sheets, towels, etc. I am currently using the Method brand in the scent Beach Sage. I get mine from Grove Collaborate on a monthly subscription but you can also get it from Target.
  8. Candles – Candles and or my diffuser are part of my bedtime and cleaning routine. I could do an entire post on the candles I love and essential oils. But for now I will keep it short and sweet and mention my most favorite.
  9. Pens – I love really good gel pens with an ultra fine point. Anyone who knows me knows to not touch my pens. I work in an office for a living so really good pens make a big difference to not only the enjoyment of my job but also how fatigued my hands are. I type and write so much through out the day, if I am not using a quality pen my hand get sore. My current favorites are Pen tel Energel, Uni-ball Signo, & Paper-mate Ink Joy.
  10. Fresh Flowers – This one has the same effect on me as candles. I love the smell and the freshness of having flowers in my office, bedroom, and bathroom. I have a lot of flowers in my yard, there is nothing better the cutting my own fresh flowers and having them in my house and office.

I hope you enjoyed my list of favorite things I can’t live without. Please leave a comment and share yours as well.


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