Yellowstone National Park


My husband and I took a little mini vacation to Yellowstone National Park this last weekend.

I feel so blessed to have all this beautiful scenery in our backyard. Its about a 2 hour trip for us to get to the park.

We were hoping to see some wildlife and just enjoy the beautiful scenery. We were delighted with out trip, we had the pleasure of seeing several Bison, Elk, Deer, Antelope, a Fox, and even a Bear and her Cub. We were really hoping to see some Wolves but no luck. Next time hopefully.

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Yellowstone covers 3500 Square Miles and reaches into Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. It sits on top of a volcanic hot spot which is why there is spewing geysers (Famous Old Faithful) and several hot spots. The hot spots are bubbling from boiling water sometimes mud. And have incredibly vivid colors.

I so recommend this trip if you are looking for a beautiful relaxing place to take in the wonders of our God. The service is wonderful and there are several lodges to choose from right in the park. Don’t miss checking out The Old Faithful Inn it is so beautiful and the dining room has a great lunch. We stayed at the Canyon Lodge in the main lodge, it is really nice with modern amenities. If you are interested in staying in one of the lodges be sure to book early and make dinner reservations because at least this time of year they fill up quickly. Other options for lodging are right outside the park. West Yellowstone is a fun little town with places you can go to see grizzly bears and wolves, an IMAX theater where you can catch the latest hit movie or some great film about Yellowstone, and tons of great dinning options too. Another one is Garner, Mt a cute little town with a lot of fun options too. I have only stayed in West Yellowstone and if you are looking for less expensive accommodations I know it is a lot more reasonable.  A few things to be aware of when in the park is you will not have cell service except at a few choice locations.


On this trip we entered the park through Gardner and exited the part through the Cooke City, MT which was a beautiful trip. Cooke City highway is incredible and like nothing else around here. Seeing as how we went in the last weekend of June we drove through snow as high as 10 feet along the highway on the way back. Nothing on the road but a lot along the road and in the mountains. Incredible.

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