I Hate School!

“I hate school!”

How often do we hear this as parents?

Why do my kids hate school? Is it like work as an adult and sometimes we just want a break or need a break? Or is it more? Bullying? Grades? Usual drama that is just part of life? Ugh….

I think it all applies, I think some kids get through it just fine and others don’t do fine. Obviously some are really not doing fine, some are in real danger or dangerous. Its heartbreaking and ridiculous some of the fears kids, parents, and administrators have. A shooting is terrible in any situation BUT in a school! Kids killing kids!!!! Oh my gosh its gut wrenching!

When is school just too much for our kids? Well, for my youngest Isabella is was just too much. She was really suffering some unhealthy side effects. So we made the decision to pull her out of traditional school and do online home school with her. After several months of home school I can say it was one of the best decisions we’ve made. We are seeing a huge difference in our child. She is more at peace than ever. I can’t recommend home schooling enough. It has brought peace to not only Isabella but our family. I don’t think its right for every kid and every family, but it has been wonderful for us.

After a lot of research we settled on Forest Trail Academy. I knew I could not be the one teaching her, so we do school online and working at your own pace. The curriculum is great, I would say more challenging that a traditional school. We have needed to use Huntington for tutoring in Math. Which is very expensive but really works, I love the one on one attention she receives there and we were ensured that she really understands the concepts of what she was working on before moving on. In my opinion its much better than traditional school.

I don’t feel like this option works well for every family, it took a lot of prayer and thought before we made the decision to transition her to home school. It is not easy by any means, it is a lot of work as a parent and a huge commitment. There is so much more to keep track of

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but in the end it is worth it. She is so much happier, we all are.

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