The Girls

These girls have my heart!

Breanna and Isabella what can I say about these two amazing ladies, well I could go on forever.

Life can be interesting having two teenage girls in the house. They are best friends one minute and are fighting like cats and dogs the next. Sibling rivalry it a beautiful thing. These two girls could not be more opposite, Breanna is my introvert through and through and Isabella is about as extroverted as they come. One is right brained the other is left. But one thing they have in common is, they are both strong, independent, talented young women. And I can’t be more proud of them both. Life has not been easy, we have certainly had our ups and downs along they way and I sure more will come. When they were younger I questioned myself a lot. I was always questioning if I should have been giving them more boundaries because they have both gotten in their share of trouble. They are both very open about their opinions (respectful but open and honest) and are not afraid to let the world know how they feel. This can be a challenge at school especially. I have had more than one parent teacher conference that was less then stellar. I always get stellar remarks about their intelligence, BUT that they can be too talkative and opinionated. On the flip side of that I have also been told by several teachers that the things that get these girls in trouble at school will be the very thing that will make them successful leaders in the career place.

My ending thoughts are, parenting is hard. It is the most difficult, rewarding, heartbreaking, exciting, challenging, maddening thing I have ever done in my life. And I would not change a single second of it. I am so proud to be their Mom, I would not change a single thing about these girls.

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