Clean Freak

I am inspired today to blog about cleaning, yep I may be nuts. I love to clean!

I have not always been such a cleaning fanatic, my mother would probably tell you growing up I was quite the opposite actually. My room was always a disaster and until she came in to tell me to clean it that is the way it stayed. My poor Mom, she did not like a mess and she had a very messy daughter. BUT there was hope, I turned out to love cleaning just as much as she does. YAY Mom!!!

So I need to share a little secret with you about some of my favorite cleaning products. They inspire me! Seriously they do! Again, I know some may think I’m nuts. Here’s my secret, maybe they will inspire you too. There is a website, It is a membership type of thing and they have the best products. Not just cleaning products, they also have other household products as well as some beauty products. And I have gotten to the point where I am super excited for my packages to arrive on my front door step.

Here is why I love it so much and what inspires me to clean. I love my house to smell good, I hate the smell of harsh chemicals and I really just like to avoid them at all costs. This is where Grove Collaborative come in, they don’t have all the harse chemicals and they have some really amazing smelling stuff. Here is a few of my all time favorites:

  • Meyers Multi Purpose Cleaning Spray – I am currently in love with the Geranium scent.
  • Meyers Candles – Geranium and Basil are my favorite
  • Method Fabric Softener – So far I have only tried the Beach Sage. And it is AMAZING!!!
  • Meyers Hand Lotions and Hand Soap – Smells so good.
  • Bubble Up Dish Brush – You will wonder where this has been all your life.
  • Meyers Dish Soap

There are several other wonderful products these are my very favorites and it make your cleaning experience so much better to be able to clean with something that smells great. After I am done cleaning I love to light one of there candles. Ahhhh…. So good!


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