Kids and Dogs

Are you a dog lover?

IMG_0324Bellas Pic

My girl and her dog, she loves this dogs so much and this dog loves her so much!

This is Isabella and her dog Johnny Cash. He is a 2-year-old chiweenie. And I can say he is her unofficial therapy dog.  Where she goes he goes. If he is not with her he is whining because he wants to be. We all love him and give him lots of love but he has chosen her as his person.

There is a lot of research out there about dogs helping us all with our emotional well-being. It proves true in our house. He is so calming during stressful situations or times of anxiety. I find is pretty much adorable when Isabella is having a tough day she wants to be with her dog, they will just snuggle and spend time together.  It’s a beautiful thing.



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