Someday is Today

I am inspired today to post about my oldest Breanna Grace. She is currently traveling in Germany with her Grandparents.

This young lady has been such a blessing in our lives, she has taught me a lot being her Mom and about having an open mind. Yes, I can be a bit closed minded at times and I am the first to admit it. I truly believe God has worked through her to show me more compassion and love towards others. Not to say I was not compassionate before, and I personally felt like I was pretty judgement free of others. I am a Christian woman after all, and I try to follow God’s number one rule. LOVE….. Love everyone, we are all God’s children.

Breanna does not share her Mom’s views what so ever, she is her own person through and through. I sometimes wonder “Where does she come up with this stuff?” She truly is like no one in her family. And that makes me proud, my goal as a Mom right from the get go was to raise Women who were spirited, fierce, independent, with a strong mind. And WOW does she ever have all of those traits. Not only is she a fierce liberal (opposite of her whole family) she has such a wonderful open mind about people from all walks of life. I absolutely love this girl and am so excited to see where she goes in life. I know its going to be great!

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