Thursday Burnout

Hi Friends!

#MOMLIFE, isn’t it so wonderful and rewarding! Our wonderful beautiful children that can do no wrong in our eyes! Life is just a bowl of cherries right? WRONG!

So who out there feels like the are in a constant whirlwind of chaos? ME! ME! ME!

So my girls are not little ones anymore, Breanna is 18 and Isabella is 13. So I feel like my chaos has calmed marginally since my girls have gotten a little older. However, I still work almost full time, home school our youngest, and do a multitude of other things around the house. I still feel like I am struggling to keep up, especially towards the end of the week. Does anyone else deal with the end of the week struggle? I call it the “Thursday Burnout”.

Trying to be the best woman, wife, and mom that I can 🙂 I have established a few things I do to help me with this “Thursday Burnout”. I do a daily “Power Hour”, I love my Power Hour. I feel like when I use a timer and set it each day for one hour I can get so much done and my daily tasks don’t seem nearly as daunting when I know I am going to accomplish everything I can in one hour and be done. In order to keep my “Power Hour” productive I do a few things before hand. First, I always write down what I want to accomplish in my hour. This is also wonderfully inspiring to look back when I’m done to see all things I accomplished in my hour. My list will usually have what I am zone cleaning (more on that in my next post) that day, start dinner, 1 load of laundry and putting those clothes away, cleaning my kitchen (if my kitchen is a mess its like everything is a mess in mind. who else feels my pain in this area?), and sometimes one other task that I have had on my mind.

My Power Hour and Zone Cleaning has literally changed how I feel about the chaos in my life, before I would clean my house on the weekend. Try to do a load of laundry everyday during the week and keep the kitchen clean. And my house stayed pretty clean but when Thursday rolled around it would start to look a little messy and I was just tired from a almost full week of work, chasing kids and sometimes dogs too, and cooking. I just felt exasperated, I honestly did not want to do a thing. Changing to my new system I feel on top of everything, it doesn’t really feel like things are getting away from me. And by doing Zone Cleaning, not only am I getting more done and more detailed cleaning but I also don’t have nearly as much to do when the weekend rolls around.

Do you have any great tips on how you stay on top of things? Let me know!

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